As a Spaniard, I would vote for Trump

I am Spanish and European, so I cannot vote in the American elections. In fact, in practice I cannot vote on international issues, since in Europe these issues are handled by Germany and France, without the rest of the countries hardly being able to participate. But if I could vote, I would vote for Trump. And I would like EU to follow a similar policy and working loyally with the US.

I know it might sound weird, there is a huge anti-Trump propaganda flooding the European media. But I have my reasons. And it amazes me not to hear them from anyone.


When Trump came to power, Cuba and Venezuela dictatorships were expanding towards the rest of Latin America while Obama embraced Castro. Autocracies and violence prevailed in the Middle East, with an openly terrorist Iran, Russia and Turkey turning into dictatorships, Syria at war, and ISIS increasingly controlling territory in Iraq and Afghanistan. A growth of the militaristic dictatorships that had its maximum exponent in China and its thug North Korea, demonstrating their intimidating power with missiles flying over Japan and even threatening the US with missiles capable of reaching any of its cities.

That’s where Trump started. And what has he done these four years?

The pressure on Cuba and Venezuela has been permanent. And perhaps it would have achieved more success against Maduro with the support of Guaidó had it not been for the lack of collaboration from Europe (supporting trade with Cuba when the US pressed economically, proposing to Guaidó to wait for impossible negotiations …)

In the Middle East the successes have been spectacular. ISIS has been totally eradicated from Afghanistan and Iraq. Iran’s terrorist militias have been beheaded (Qassem Soleimani). And the game board has completely changed as the UAE recognized Israel and US clearly supports them. Israel is no longer semi-isolated, and that will make it difficult for EU to play its usual double game. EU will be less interested in aligning with two terrorist countries, Iran and Palestine. In other words, the Middle East could begin to envision a good-for-all solution.

In Asia, they have stood up to the bullying of China and North Korea. The ban on telecommunications equipment, the commercial rebalancing or the large arms sale of to Taiwan are very clear signs that the US does not accept to submit to the intimidation strategy. And if the strategy doesn’t work, China and Korea will eventually stop using it. It is strictly business, as The Godfather would say.

All this leads me to draw parallels with other times. In which Russia and Germany were the referents of militarist dictatorships growing, and the main democracies tried to take advantage of them for their particular intrigues, making it easier for them to deploy their intimidating strategies in the different countries of Europe. Chamberlain was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, Obama was awarded. The Nobel Committee won’t give it to Trump, as they didn’t give it to Churchill.


So, why do I prefer Trump to win? For the same reason that he wished Churchill had ruled in the beginning of the 1930s instead of Baldwin and Chamberlain, while militaristic dictatorships were still growing. And the world is getting dangerous again.

I understand that most Americans will vote for you on other, more internal issues. The economy, the defense of order and the law in the face of a perverted BLM, the reaction to a hypocritical political correctness that is already recognized by many as an intolerant culture of cancellation … All these are also important issues, of course. But more internal.


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