Anti-racism as a new prejudice

I do not think today, in Western democracies, racial racism remains as a minimally extended ideology. Nobody defends it anymore. There might be customs and practices still to be corrected, of course. Because racism was common currency in other times. But… what political party with significant representation defends racism today? None.

So, I can understand a movement that proposes to correct the effects of past racism, but not a movement that accuses of racism.

Thats why, the current riots in the US, accompanied by demonstrations for example in the Netherlands against racism in the US, make me think that what we do have is an anti-racism problem. An anti-racist distortion. A problem of manipulation of society taking advantage of the current general rejection of racism. It is easy to pretend to be an anti-racism leader nowadays.

But, this fake anti-racism wouldn’t be harmless. Lets have to look at the effects of a BLM understood as Black Lives Manipulation:

  • Victimization of black citizens, who are not considered as normal citizens. This, although it may sometimes seem like a compliment («we care about you»), is actually a condescending treatment that erodes the personality of the person receiving it. And it excites self-destructive feelings of outrage. In other words, it is a collectivization, something also perverse, like racism itself.
  • Sick images of self-flagellation and self-humiliation of people who have done nothing wrong, just because they are white, police, Americans … as if they had a guilt to purge, an original sin for being who they are.
  • Unequal consideration of similar events based on the race of the subjects (white or black police and white or black victim, for example) that does not correspond to the figures (in 2019 in the US, the police killed 9 unarmed blacks and 19 non-armed whites armed. Washington post graphics)
  • Diversion of attention from the real problems. For example, the graph at the top of this article suggests that there is a significant problem of violence in predominantly black communities, something that has nothing to do with race but rather with public safety.
  • Lack of broadcasting of positive news. For example, today, in the US, there are a third fewer black inmates than in 2006 (according to FackTank). Again, frankly positive news if we look at the graph that heads this article)
  • Massive partisan use by the media that erodes the US and disqualifys its president, Trump. (You just have to look at some CNN videos, the demonstrations against US racism in Europe or the newspapers cartoons all over the world, absurd with clear partisan political motivation)
  • Collectivization and polarization of society into opposing groups that eroses USA self-esteem as a country.
  • Violent riots with thugs beating, robbing, destroying … using this as an excuse.


Let me add some interesting tweets about it. Of people who see current anti-racism as manipulation.


This distorted and self-destructive victimization is promoted by private interests: it attacks when there are elections, against some politicians and not against others …

It is part of a competition that involves countries and uses the media as tools. Media act as broadcasters of prejudice, amplifying the facts that generate indignation, although they are not general and nobody really approves those actions.

Media colonies

Always following the same distortion scheme: collectivize citizenship in opposing groups and feed feelings of injury and injustice.. No matter what motive to use, anti-fascism, now that fascism does not exist. Or anti-machismo, when no one defends machismo… The same with anti-racism.

Anti-racism has all the characteristics of what I call an emotiology: Complex structure of cognitive distortions oriented to social and political mobilization through emotional influence. Most usually in a negative way, promoting the confrontation of the citizenship in groups based on some differentiating element (language…). Anti-racism encourages a social division between innocent black people which suffer the white hate that takes advance of them. A well known story.


Finally, I would like to emphasize that racism, like all emotions, can be implemented with any combination: white against black and black against white, Spanish against Latin American or vice versa, Asians against Westerners… Therefore, anti-racism can easily derive in another type of racism, just the opposite racism.

And many times racism is not something strictly racial. Sometimes if appears under a cultural makeup but is clearly close to racism: Protestant citizens of northern Europe against southern Catholics, racism associated with nationalism’s in Spain, xenophobia…

Some of those flavors of racism may have presence today. May have relevant groups that spread and promote their prejudices. But the mainstream media never focus anti-racism on them…


Note1: Some Canadian, German or Spanish cartoons that illustrate the political use of BLM prejudices. They are anything but innocent.


Note 2: A very interesting graph that suggests these anti-racist prejudices campaign is spatially related to the American white Democrats. As expected if we consider those are prejudices injected by Democrat media.

Note 3: Two more graphs that support the idea that there is a problem of violence in black communities, not racism. Perhaps the past racism against black people has left today a trace of violence in that population. But then, if the problem is a habit of violence, that is what should be addressed, not past racism (which obviously can not be solved now) nor an unproven current racism.

(3 October 2020) A goog example of the manipulative use of anti-racism.

Lately there has been a problem with riots, that even had people killled. Not a growing or promotion of white supremacism.

But Biden & Harris support media are trying to change reality perception. Forcing Trump to talk once and again about KKK, to make people feek the problem is KKK promotion. Even more, they try to force Trump to some kind of apologize, so he is perceived as guilty of racism.

And that is not good for black people or USA selfsteem in general. It is just something partisan. Manipulation.


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