The M&M smile

NATO leaders summit in Watford, Britain December 4, 2019. REUTERS/Christian Hartmann/Pool

A revealing photo: Trump marching before the satisfied smile of his partners and enemies, Macron and Merkel (M & M), at the summit of NATO, the alliance for a common defense.

Churchill once claimed that he always remembered that his worst enemies were not in the front bench but in the back row, among his fellow party members. An idea perfected in a sentence attributed to the German Chancellor, Konrad Adenauer: «There are enemies, mortal enemies, and there are party comrades».

I imagine it can also be applied to international alliances.


The satisfaction on the faces of Merkel & Macron, like Chirac & Schröder before them, comes at a price that humanity pay:

  • Venezuelans, who see further to rid themselves of their tyrant.
  • Cubans, for decades under the intimidation of a regime. Their Berlin Wall did not fall for them … and it was not because of Russia.
  • Latin America globally, with instability that blocks economic development and political cohesion.
  • Middle East, deranged and bloody.
  • The dictatorship that is reinforced in China, threatening.
  • The antidemocratic nationalists, promoted up to the government in Spain and imposing its normalization to the citizenship in the territories they dominate.
  • Hypocritical pressure on EU countries that don’t submit to the dominance of Germany and France, like Poland and Hungary.
  • Feed Putin with gas money (Nordstream…) and dis protect Ukraine (blocking their ingress to NATO.

It is the cost of the confrontation that they sow.


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