How to support terrorism and still pretend to be the good guy

Israel defense (left) to Hamas attack (right)

I lived in the Basque Country during the phase of ETA terrorism, and saw the response of European media and politicians. So I can easily recognize the steps used to support terrorism while keeping one’s hands clean. Always pretending to be acting from honesty and good feelings.

The steps are the following:

  1. Condemn the attacks to show you are good people.
  2. Take advantage of the fact that the defense against an aggression always requires a certain degree of violence, the response is also regretted, remarking that all violence is a horror. That way, you can start the equalization between the victim and the aggressor.
  3. Once the violence has been regretted, all violence is condemned. A subtle but important change. The victim has already matched the aggressor. Both are reprehensible.
  4. Then you can change the terminology, and the terrorist attack becomes a conflict. Aggression and defense are no longer considered as such, and you can speak of a spiral of violence. As if defending yourself were a way to fuel a conflict.
  5. Once the scene has been completely transformed, you can choose the side. And empathize with the weak, the terrorist, of course.


This simple mechanism is what allowed ETA assassins to maintain a Sanctuary in France and judicial support in Belgium for decades. Without France and Belgium ceasing to be considered flawless democracies.

It is the same mechanism that was followed during the attempt of a nationalist coup in Catalonia. Thus it was achieved that the Europeans empathize with the coup plotters. And afterwards German justice was able to bypass the Euroorder in support of Puigdemont. Against any logic.

It is what it is used to support the BLM or the antifa in the US. Or extreme left protests in Chile or Colombia.

A scheme that France has followed for decades to support Palestinian terrorism against Israel (remember: the terrorist leader Arafat went home to die… in Paris).


Someday, we European citizens should react and demand that our politicians and the media stop using this hypocritical strategy that fuels tensions around the world. The ends do not always justify the means. And in this case both the means and ends, a Franco-German dominance at whatever cost, are reprehensible.


P.S.1: (May 17, 2021) It is easy to understand why has Hamas started this attack now.

During the Trump era, the United States ended Islamist terrorism in Afghanistan, ISIS in Iraq, and at the end of his term, also killed Iran’s international terrorist leader. Ending a stage of permissiveness associated with the Obama presidency.

Trump-Churchill, Obama-Baldwin y multilateralismo-pacifismo

Iran, which is undoubtedly the one behind Hamas, is likely wanting to go back to the previous stage.

This can also explain the strategy of those calling for a ceasefire before Israel dismantles the Hamas terrorist structure (China and Norway via the UN…). That would practically imply an acceptance as a lesser evil of the implantation of an active terrorist organization on the border with Israel. That is, the beginning of the return to permissiveness with Iran’s terrorist organizations in the Middle East.


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