Who is behind lamestream Media?

Seen from Europe, there are three subjects that American citizens should be clear about.


1 – Media colonies

The anti-American bias of main media, which Trump refers as Lamestream Media, it is real and intended. It is part of international strategies which, by the way, also affects Spain.

If you control media, you can influence in elections and, at the end, influence and even control governments.

Media colonies

And it is also used to erode nations self-esteem. For example, anti-American emotional ideas that are spread with Black Live Matters media campaign, maliciously accusing USA of being racist.

Anti-racism as a new prejudice


2 – Franco-German intrigue

The allied governments of France and Germany are behind this strategy. Current Central European governments and companies and funds that back them. There is a lot of money there, a lot of power. An it seems the US Democratic Party has brought their propaganda, accepts their media support.

Churchill used to say it: the worst enemies are among the party colleagues. And among the allies, we could add.

You just have to look al Merkel and Macron position about Cuba-Venezuela, Iran-Palestine, China-Korea… always pretending to play along with USA but always against any practical measurement taken against those countries. Never a bad word nor a good deed, we say in Spain. And that’s just the surface.

BLM, Global warming, appeasement against enemies, anti fascism… all this ideas are always manipulated by their media, interestedly distorted in their benefit. Nowadays against Trump, for example.

Prejudices and intrigue


3 – A dangerous world

This strategy erodes not only US leadership but also its influence in the world. What used to make the world progress towards democracies.

We just have to remember that under Obama`s presidency, media were friendly with US president (so close to Merkel), but Russia and Turkey became dictatorships. ISIS expanded and Iran terrorism was accepted. Venezuela got fully controlled by Cuba while Obama hugged Castro. Arab Spring derived in a humanitarian disaster. And China-Korea hardened their threats. And Obama got the Nobel Prize and the friendship of all media.

There is no goodness in shirking responsibility or encouraging self-blame. Peace is not achieved through appeasement. This prejudices are dangerous.

As a Spaniard, I would vote for Trump




P.S.1 (13 Oct 2020) Here there is an interesting video from 1987. It seems Trump already had clear ideas then.

To be a great country you need to defend the country from being manipulated. From letting others take advantage of you. That is as important as not being aggressive (what he clearly isn’t neither, he insists Japanese and Arabian people are great people).

That is what is needed to be emotionally healthy. Being able to be neither aggressive nor passive. The assertive way to be. Maybe that is why he has been able to react to current media manipulation. To this political correction that immobilizes and leads to intolerance, to the so called, cancel culture. To self-destruction.

I have invented a concept, that I use to explain this: Emotiologies. A way to model politics including emotional manipulation considerations. Looking for emotionally healthy politics.

P.S.3 (22 Oct 2020) I think this Biden tweet shows how the Democratic Party collaborates with antiamerican campaign: America was an idea. We’ve never lived up to it but we’ve never walked away from it before. (Defeatist prejudices)


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