Dictatorships grow in the absence of the US

Trump at NATO Summit (2019): ‘Germany Is A Captive Of Russia’

History will judge Biden as a Chamberlain, as an appeaser.
Germany and France as collaborationists.
Putin and China as aggressive dictatorships.

The US with Biden, is now subject to Germany’s strategy in Ukraine. A double game that at the same time requests US protection and injects money and gives power to Russia.

All the dictatorships are taking advantage of the absence of Trump, which implies the absence of US. In Afghanistan, in Ukraine, and soon in Taiwan, Middle East or South America.

Many people knew in 2020 this things would happen. Like myself, that’s why I preferred Trump to beat Biden, cause Trump is the one that plays the role of Churchill.

And, also, that’s why I suspected of election fraud. We knew Trump had to many enemies. Including Media and Big Tech and some supposedly loyal allied countries. Fraud had a clear political sense, satisfied to many different strategies.

A world in which freedoms will grow or decline is now at stake. Central Europe, France and specially Germany, with their hypocritical puritanism, cognitive attacks and reckless ambition, are getting us all into trouble again. And maybe there is not a US to save us for the third time.


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