Electoral fraud: media, intrigues and silences that concede.

Topic: US is reproducing Spanish fall in an electoral intrigue

In 2004 Spain was a prosperous country, with its own voice in Europe and in the world.

At home, the macroeconomic indicators were healthy: unemployment of 11% and falling, 3% annual growth, 47% debt and reducing after five consecutive years of very low deficit…. Politically, we were putting an end to ETA nationalist terrorism without cessions and the partnership between Redondo (PSE) and-Mayor (PP) was leading in 2001 a joint reaction of right and left national parties in the Basque Country. Confronting the dangerously long-lasting nationalist hegemony.

Abroad, Spain maintained its own positions in Europe (Nice Council conditions) and in the rest of the world, as demonstrated by its clear rejection of the Latin American dictatorships (e.g.: Aznar’s confrontation with Chávez) or its support for the Sahara in spite of the joint opposition of Morocco and France (collaboration seen, for example, in Perejil conflict). And it was a reliable ally of the US (Azores trio).

So, Spain was then a prosperous, autonomous country with a reasonably hopeful future. And the 2004 elections promised continuity. Just one cloud in the sky, there was a worrying symptom that few appreciated with the importance it deserved: we were already suffering from a general media blackout against the PP. Media campaigns against the government and of demonization of Aznar and the PP had become constant in the last years. Campaigns hooked one to the next and were always supported by practically all the media. A fragility that very few understood until it was too late.

Then, on March 11, 2004 a terrorist attack changed everything. Just three days before the elections. Brutal and shocking. Accompanied by confusion and deception, and projected against the party in government by the opposition and the entire media. Everything changed afterwards.


Zapatero (PSOE, Socialist Party) won the 2004 elections. Contrary to expectations and to what was shown by the mail vote, cast before the attack. A clear electoral fraud. And the scenario changed completely.

Spain unilaterally gave up its positions in the EU (Nice Council conditions), unilaterally changed the position on the Sahara to the benefit of Morocco, explicitly moved apart from the US (the image of Zapatero not standing up at the passage of the American flag well symbolized that change), began to be de facto allie of the Latin American dictatorships (an alliance that Zapatero continues to illustrate today with Maduro), the Spanish government changed from confronting nationalism to promoting it (Tinell, Catalan Statute…), the access of Central European companies to substitute Spanish companies was favored (Orange, Enel-Endesa…)…

And the economic consequences accompanied the decline. Unemployment, debt and open dependence on the EU.

In other words, the terrorist attack changed not only an electoral result but Spain’s trajectory. And it was accepted by those who suffered it. An acceptance that can be seen in the silence around the attack. Both in Spanish right wing party, that chose to shut up due to a wrong sense of responsibility (Aznar showed that he knew who did it but preferred to keep silent: «those who devised these attacks are neither in remote deserts nor in distant mountains»). And silence also present on the part of the US, who lost an important ally in Europe without any reaction, without protecting it or even denouncing the intrigue.


Why am I bringing this up now?

Because I think the situation is repeating, but this time in a big way, against the United States, the world’s leading country. Something to be expected, since if in its day the strategy succeeded, it is normal that they try to repeat it.

The United States is now a prosperous country with a firm position in the world. Trump has managed to redirect the self-destructive foreign policy of the Obama era: building a defense against China, stopping ISIS and Iran in the Middle East, maintaining the pressure on the expansive dictatorships in Latin America. Trump has reworked trade agreements to suit current US interests, protects US borders… It is simple, Trump makes American policy as befits America. As it has to be.


  • like in 2004 in Spain, the US it suffers an almost monopolistic media harassment against the governing party. With a hate campaign against Trump not much different from that suffered by Aznar in Spain in his day.
  • Trumps opposite party in as unreliable as that represented by Zapatero in Spain in 2004. The current Democratic Party is willing to get closer to the Latin American dictatorships, to align with Franco-German strategies and media influence (climate change, UN, multilateralism…) or not to face Chinese or Iranian growth. That is, to renounce defending the position of the United States in the world.
  • US has suffered obvious electoral fraud. The statistics of vote arrival are scandalous, with abrupt steps in favor of Biden in the states that were needed for him to win and in the size needed. A fraud that pretends to change the electoral result as it was changed in Spain with the attacks of March 11. And equally backed by practically all the media, which even dare to silence the current president voice.

I see just one important difference. And that is that as the PP and USA accepted the intrigue success in 2004, Trump is reacting to it now. Even facing resistance within his own party. Trump is not accepting theft as a lesser evil. He does not take refuge in a deception: I will win the elections next time, in 2024.

And that is the right to do, from my point of view. Because those who submit and let the intrigues against him succeed, usually have no better options the next time. Quite the contrary. Just look at Spain, with terrifying economic indicators (unemployment, debt, deficit, growth…) and governed by an alliance of Chavez followers, coup leaders and terrorists. A disaster. If Zapatero played in 2004 against Spain with disguise, Sánchez, current Spanish president, does so now almost in plain sight, lying without dissimulation.

When someone wants to conquer a country from its head, taking over its government to turn it against its own country, it is necessary to react as soon as possible. And not give in. Or it will be condemned to disappear as an autonomous country. Because every day, more and more internal structures will be subjected to that self-destructive influence.

The US needs Trump to win the current battle against electoral theft. But that’s not all. It must also learn the lesson and deploy a defense against these kind of attacks based on media colonization and infiltration on the political parties. US future depends on it. So, I understand the huge American popular reaction in support of Trump. Bravo!



P.S.1 (1 Dec 2020): In Spain, in 2004, after the terrorist attack in trains that altered the elections, trains and explosive traces disappeared. So, I understand the US people concern about evidence disappearing: Dominion voting machines and SW, envelopes, strangely marked ballots…

P.S.2 (16 Dec 2020) An official study concluding Dominion fraud. Antrim Michigan Forensics Report:

«We conclude that the Dominion Voting System is intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results.»

P.S.3 (20 Dec 2020) Why do I think there has been fraud.

Why do I think there has been fraud in USA elections

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