Europe and the eagle with the golden claws

A CERTAIN man had a goose, which laid him a golden egg every day. But, not contented with this, which rather increased than abated his avarice, he was resolved to kill the goose, and cut up her belly, that so he might come to the inexhaustible treasure, which he fancied she had within her. He did so; and, to his great sorrow and disappointment, found nothing

(Samuel Croxall version of Esopo’s fable; The Goose With The Golden Eggs)

The EU, led by the governments of France and, above all, Germany, seems to be obsessed with eroding the world hegemony of the United States. With being the leader by ending the previous leader.

An inordinate ambition that falls into the same error as the greed of the owners of the goose that laid the golden eggs. It may be easy to kill the goose, but it is not easy to lay golden eggs. Current degree of world peace and freedom, that the US has been supporting, is unlikely to be achieved without them. And we already see it in Venezuela, Afghanistan or North Korea.

It is possible that among all the competing countries they could bring down the United States: China is growing, the Middle East is increasingly hostile to them, and Latin America is filled with regimes as undemocratic as they are anti-American. The roadmap seems to work, Merkel and Macron smile and rub their hands.

But the moment the US falls, the European Union will be the new target to beat. The next competitor to erode. And, the truth is, no matter how much it holds the stripes of economic and media hegemony and takes for itself the golden claws of the US banner… that is not enough to maintain order. Without an eagle, claws are useless. And the EU has much of a bird, but of another type.

The US helped Europe against the German domination attempt in the First War. Led against the nationalist authoritarianisms in the Second. And contained Soviet-influenced communism in the Cold War almost on its own. All this time, the US has made it easy for European countries to prosper and grow in freedoms, without external domination, as allies. But with the looming Fourth War, Europe itself may have previously disabled US coverage. It seems likely that we will return to the wars of national ambitions with no sheriff to preserve order. And with the new world thugs grown after their triumph over the United States.

Europe lived in the best of worlds. With the US guaranteeing its security and being able to grow as a union and focus on the economy. But the national ambition of France and Germany has no limits and they will put everything in jeopardy seeking full control of the EU and world primacy.

No good vibrations!

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