Trump: three values, four foes

Trump embodies the main strategic lines of three important political personalities: Churchill, Reagan and Roosevelt.


Trump-Churchill: As he fights for peace against aggressive dictatorships (China, Iran, Cuba-Venezuela…), overcoming the bonds of the appeasers (Obama…). Moving emotionally the society for reaction. Pure Churchill.

As a Spaniard, I would vote for Trump


Trump-Reagan: Recovering pride of being an American. A healthy self-esteem and courage, essential to survive as a nation once it is a world leader. Against Media and Big Tech.

Prejudices and intrigue
Why Trump? A different approach


Trump-Roosevelt: Defending the Four Freedoms world rule against crooked multilateralism. It is better being alone (unilateralism) if it is needed to defend those principles.

4 F’s (Fredoms of speech, faith, prosperity and security) against 3 M’s (Merkel and Macron Multilateralism).

The M&M smile

Four Freedoms in January 6


That’s why I hope that Trump is able to get out of the electoral trap with which the four foes try to corner him, that’s why I want him to triumph.

Electoral fraud: media, intrigues and silences that concede
Why do I think there has been fraud in the US elections?


P.S.1 (15 Jan 2021) A summary table

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