Four Freedoms in January 6

In January 6, 1941, eighty years ago, a new era started.

Franklin D. Roosevelt «Four Freedoms» Speech – January 6, 1941

US got involved in the 2WW, but this time they did not just fight for one side.

This time the US set a new world rule, based on American values. The world wide defense of the four freedoms: speech, faith, prosperity and security.

A rule that would be defended unilaterally if needed. Against aggressors, with no attention to moral relativism hoaxes.

Maybe 80 it is something more than just a round number. Maybe the freedoms world rule needs again to be defended from aggressive dictatorships and relativism.

Electoral fraud: media, intrigues and silences that concede

Because nothing better has being offered yet for the world. In front of US freedoms there are only the traditional European nationalisms with their habitual sick propaganda and expansive dictatorships.


Note: Text from «The last lion» third book, «Defender of the realm». A Winston Churchill biography by William Manchester and Paul Reid.


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