Why Trump? A different approach

It is difficult to incorporate new approaches to the common debate. Even more so at the end of an election campaign. But I will give it a try.

There are two big reasons that make Trump the good choice:

One has to do with practical day-to-day issues: he has achieved important results in international politics (ISIS, Iran, Arab countries and Israel, curbing China-Korea, support for Venezuela-Cuba…), the opposite of Obama. Not in vain is he the first president since 1980 who has not initiated wars, it was not needed, no other country thought it could profit against him.

As a Spaniard, I would vote for Trump

And he also presents good economic results, reduction of illegal immigration… He has only lacked effectiveness against covid-19, but as we see with many European countries, it is not easy to stop a pandemic in open societies.

The other reason has to do with the future: a person’s future is marked by his own character. The future of a country, too. By its common thoughts, shared through the media (radio, TV, social networks, books…). And the United States is suffering a clear cultural attack, supported by the intolerant cancel culture, associated with political correctness.. An attack deploying harmful prejudices on three main fronts:

  • Anti-Americanism prejudices deployed by competing countries (France, Germany, Cbina…) in their influence area (Spain, Latin America, Middle East…)
  • defeatist prejudices inside the country,
  • and a variety of prejudices of division and confrontation among citizens taking advantage of different themes (BLM, Antifa, radical feminism…)

Prejudices and intrigue

This makes the issue much more than just Trump or Biden. It’s a country issue. It’s about the future of the country. And maybe things aren’t as clear today as they were during Reagan’s time, when the evils that caused WW2 were still in people’s memories (appeasement, ideologies…). But the question is the same. History always repeats itself.


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