Unity against intrigues in Spain… and in the World


As i advance with my blog, it becomes clearer to me what the reality of Spanish politics is, as well as the main challenge we now face: to remain firm in the face of manipulators who try to divide us by confronting each other. Manipulator that try to achieve Spain has no political influence in a Europe led by France and Germany.

A challenge we, Spanish people, probably share with many other European and global citizens. Since the strategy based upon manipulation to confront, carried out by some countries that seek to predominate, is applied world wide. It spreads chaos and clash in Spain, but also in Latin America, Middle East and probably Africa. Maybe even in USA.

The tools which these manipulators manage also become clearer: propaganda and intrigue.
Propaganda disqualifying of our reality, so we don’t defend our democratic countries (to provoke some kind of a nihilistic reaction): anti-Spanish prejudices, anti-Americanism… accompanied by am alleged moral superiority of the left, of an environmentalist Europe, multiculturalism, multilateralism… in a nutshell, spread prejudice against reality and appeal to the public through ideal utopias without a realistic base. 
Intrigue to promote, in practice, their own interests: favor that PSC lead PSOE to reach a filonationalist Government in Spain, impede USA economical pressures to Cuba work out whilst the latter supports Maduro, hold up Iran-Palestine so that the USA is stuck in a solutionless trap, obstruction of USA defense from commercial conquest strategy deployed by Chinese dictatorship (dumping, debt traps…)





Up to here I have described the general picture. Now I will try to describe the manipulative strategy deployed in the actuality of Spain, in the face of the 10-N elections.

At least, I see the following intrigue-prejudice ongoing patterns:

The revival of the Civil War as electoral strategy
The highest evidence of this strategy is Franco’s exhumation. The electoral interest is clear: encourage nationalist and left wing citizens to vote, difficult their flee to right wing parties and, taking advantage of their mediatic majority, promote propaganda which portrays the right as aggressive.

The most convenient response to this strategy is to evidence the strategy itself, without delving into its content. Make evident the intent to manipulate the elections with old time themes used to try to incite social division. Not to oppose the macabre acts carried out by the left during the Civil War. Because, although they are also true, it would be collaborating with the strategy, falling into the trap: raise emotional tension .

Sow dissension between opponents
Yesterday we saw two clear moves:
One trying to face each other’s right-wing parties. Falsely accusing PP of preparing to collaborate with the nationalist. The other, trying to antagonize the constitutionalist (not nationalist) parties among themselves. Spreading the insidium that Vox (populist right party) would not be welcome in the demonstration this Sunday in Barcelona.

I guess, the most convenient response to these strategies is to avoid any conflict berween no nationalist parties at least until the 10-N has passed, as new traps will emerge, for sure.

Ensure that the fox is also inside the hen house
Finally, those who push for an advance in the nationalist roadmap always try to have representatives also within the side of those who oppose. Playing the classic PSC (Catalan Socialist Party) game, some kind of a good cop (PSOE), bad cop (nationalists) role.

This is probably the most damaging strategy, and the most difficult to counteract. Since voters are being cheated, they really believe socialist party opposes nationalism. And, although their leaders may be rejected, the electorates may not. Non-nationalist parties have to communicate the message to that electorate and bring them back to a non-nationalist option. A non-nationalist left party in needed.
A difficult task, as no medium of communication will support a non-nationalist left party. Obviously not the right wing media, to avoid promoting a left wing option. And less current left media, since they are completely dominated by the filonationalist sector.

Having a non nationalist left wing party is an essential if we want to maintain the unity of Spain. In the mid term, Spain it will not exist unless it is wanted by most of the people. And that includes left wing citizens.

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