The hope of another Russia

A friend of mine usually complains that my articles always describe problems, not possible solutions. So I will attend his complaint and brainstorm seeking for the light instead of entering the dark caverns of manipulation and domination.


Let’s analyse a possible positive domino:

If his invasion of Ukraine fails, Putin could fall after 22 years in power. There would have been tens of thousands of deaths and global isolation for nothing. So, Russia would have the opportunity for a better government. Russia could resume its steps towards a more democratic government, frustrated at the beginning of the century. And all World would benefit from a Russia less oriented to the kind of national greatness that supports the dictators.

US and the Anglo-Saxon democracies would probably be interested in supporting this change. And Germany would have it difficult to resume the perverse Ostpolitik that rewards dictators.

Thus, cut off from Germany, Russia could continue playing a role on the international scene but changing the balance and assuming its real size. Stop supporting the German strategies of global leftism and anti-Americanism and act as an intermediate element between the two great democratic blocs. Playing as a simultaneous and alternative ally of both the US and the European Union. And even collaborate with China, which would be moderate if it were alone. This would undoubtedly benefit the US, which is currently under an increasing international pressure, including on the American continent itself. So it’s not unlikely that they would support that kind of healthy development for Russia.

It would have a general beneficial effect, all over the world. You only have to think of the current Latinamerica countries, under the anti-democratic influence of leftist governments. It could help change Europe, where Eastern countries would no longer be forced to seek German shelter from an aggressive Russia. They might dare to disagree, as Poland is currently doing. In other words, they would help a democratization of Europe, currently increasingly oriented as a German colony empire. And Russia itself, once non-threatening, could derive great economic advantage from a cordial relationship with these EU countries so close to her. Even Taiwan could see Chinese pressure relaxed if Russia joins democracies.


Someone could say that this story is to full of «if…». And it is true. But I guess it’s not completely impossible. Today there are some signs for hope that were not seen recently:

  • Raids on Trump are not working and American society seems to be beginning to react to the anti-American cultural attack they are suffering (BLM, Woke, biased historical revisionism…),
  • Putin begins to have setbacks in his war of conquest in Ukraine,
  • France is giving the first signs of breaking away from Germany after 20 years of almost total alignment,
  • Brexit has made it easier for a new voice to appear that allows criticism of Germany, you just have to look at British support for Poland,
  • the crisis with Russia has led to a review of the European energy strategy and more and more people think, when looking at the 2030 Agenda, that the king is naked, that it is full of distortions and self-destructive fallacies,

Times seem to be changing. And it won’t always be for the bad. There are some reasons for hope.


P.S.1 (11 sep 2022) An interesting poll. Shows that the problem is not in German people but in their political and big business leaders.

70% of Germans want to keep supporting Ukraine despite high energy prices.

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