Is Germany playing with Ukraine and Russia?

Trump at NATO Summit (2019): ‘Germany Is A Captive Of Russia’

Germany supported Russia after the invasion of Crimea. Limited the rejection of the West. And injected Putin with money and sense of power by buying Russian gas and making Europe depend on it.

Germany, in hand with France, also blocked the US response by appealing to multilateralism. Any reaction from the US would be considered arrogance as it does not have the support of the rest of the countries… which it would not have, since the countries in the orbit of France and Germany would not support any practical reaction from the US.

This happened during Obama stage.


Germany braked and held back during the Trump stage, who was unwieldy for them. Furthermore, Trump denounced Germany’s double game, as we can see in the video that heads the article.


After Biden’s victory, once the problematic Trump had been pushed aside, Putin, trusting in German support, launched a new advance in Ukraine. And, threatened all the USSR former area of influence in Eastern Europe.

But, despite the lack of reaction from the US, Ukraine is resisting the invasion… and suddenly Germany appears as a great defender of the defenseless democrats!

Ukraine and other Eastern countries ask to join the EU as soon as possible and without conditions, Germany becomes a military power allocating 100,000 million euros to military investment and it is clear to all countries that it is better for them to be under the cover of Germany, even if it implies an undoubted subordination.


Stinks? I would say it does.

Many people suffer and die unnecessarily due to this type of strategy, which is also practiced with Cuba-Venezuela, Iran-Palestine… And the World in general becomes dangerous due to the excessive ambition of the Franco-German alliance.

Putin con Chirac y Schroeder en Sochi en 2004 – REUTERS/Sergei Karpukhin PP05060096 – RTR9MGD


P.S.1 (17 March 2022): France and Germany not only fed Putin with gas euros, also sold him weapons.

EU member states exported weapons to Russia after the 2014 embargo.

P.S.2 (7 April 2022): Another interesting video. Denouncing what the UE is doing, intendedly.

(Garicano is a Member of the European Parliament)

P.S.3 (23 April 2022) Another part of Trump’s declarations on NATO 2019. About increasing threats and the need of a fair and sufficient defense financing.

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