AstraZeneca and the ExtreCynical

I have long suspected von der Leyen’s hypocrisy. She seems to be following the Franco-German line of EU control with colonial overtones and of confrontation with the USA for world hegemony.

But she is not as effective as Merkel in the double game of bad deeds and good words (as John Lennon would say, he lacks learning, first you must learn how to smile as you kill). So she tends to appear exposed. So much that I do not see it impossible that there will come a time when even the related media, that is to say almost all media, will let her fall.


The fact is that with the vaccines we are reaching shameful limits.

She first chose a bad strategy: prioritize that vaccines were cheap instad of available as soon as possible. An unscrupulous strategy and, as we all have seen, absurd. If vaccines arrive late, in addition to more deaths, we will have greater economic damage caused by economic reactivation delay.

Then she tried to cover his mismanagement with intrigue and arrogance. Intriguing against the UK through Northern Ireland Article 16 and deceiving its own EU partners, Commissioners Valdis Dombrovskis (Trade) and Stella Kyriakides (Health), for example.

And now a defamation campaign has been launched against AstraZeneca. Spreading unfounded suspicions about a vaccine that is essential to advance prevention in Europe. That is, generating delays that will have a cost in illness and death. You just have to read the response of the WHO, which even has a sarcasm odour: “Vaccination against COVID-19 does not lead to a reduction in diseases or deaths from other causes. Thromboembolic events are known to be frequent. Venous thromboembolism is the third most common cardiovascular disease worldwide.»


This Europe of colonial ambitions and arrogance is dangerous. It is a kind of government harmful to Europeans, as we are seeing. But also for the world, when they use China, Iran, Cuba or Venezuela against the US, it is irresponsible and dangerous.


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