Playing with hate… against Trump

If BLM is needed, it must be because a significant part of society is racist.

=> Then, it would be reasonable for Black people to hate that White part of society.

=> In that way, BLM discourse promotes defensive hatred.

But, is there solid evidence of that racism? or is someone playing with serious things, injecting hate?

Anti-racism as a new prejudice


And it is not only BLM. Anti-fa, anti-Americanism, gender hatred, climate guilty… someone is distorting emotions. And nothing blinds a society so much as hatred. And as we say in Spain: God blinds those who he wants to lose.

Hate prejudices are being used in a partisan basis, to manipulate society. Supported by the media, supported by the countries competing against the U.S., and with the Democratic Party accepting that support.

Prejudices and intrigue

And, to impede defensive response against this hate discourses, it is being considered politically incorrect to reject these self-destructive distortions: If you reject anti-racist prejudices and campaigns, it must be because you are a racist. With a new cancel culture to silence those voices.


That’s why Trump is needed. Not just for practical reasons like economics, defense…

Also for the spirit. Trump’s Make America Great again is a fight keep US spirit high and proud of himself and free from the chains of prejudice.

Why Trump? A different approach


P.S.1 (19 nov 2020) A nice video about this.

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